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JUNE 2013

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

ECGinMotion – New Windows version of the popular App

The sight into the beating heart

Spectacular transfer of knowledge for MDs, students, paramedics and professional staff: ECGinMotion shows 30 of the most important cardiac arrhythmias with the corresponding ECG-Curves together with simultaneous animations on an open heart.

Since 2010, ECGinMotion has been available as an app and has been downloaded and used all around the world. Popular with medical staff, the well rated app is now available as a software version, containing extensive functions and applications for daily medical work, as well as for medical education and training.

Simultaneously with impressive and accurate detailed animations, the description of an ECG-Curve, the stimulus formation and – development, the contractions and valve functions on an open heart are displayed. The different ECG-Curves are supplemented with switchable explanations.

Especially for medical education, the PC version of ECGinMotion contains also the ECG-exercises for ECG-diagnostic-training. Particularly for lectures and instructions, the numerous and detailed animations offer a clear and spectacular transfer of knowledge for important cardiac topics. Thus, ECGinMotion visualizes imposingly, for example, the process of a myocardial infarction.

Moreover, the software has been designed for Windows 8 and the usage with touchscreens. For the use in lectures, not only touchscreens are supported, but also regular projectors. All Buttons and explanations can be switched by only one click between 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese).

The aesthetic animations can also be used by MDs for patient-information and offer an impressive support in the medical counseling. Due to the compatibility to Windows 8 with touchscreens and appropriate tablets, ECGinMotion is ideal for the daily medical work and supports the dialogue between doctors and patients.

Until the end of June, ECGinMotion is available for the initial price of € 49.90, followed by the regular price of € 69.90. The Software is available for an easy and direct download at:

Screenshots ECGinMotion

Trial versions and activation codes for press and PR usage are available. Please send a request at and state the responsible editor, the publishing company and the address data.

Press Release English   Press Release German   Screenshots English   Screenshots German

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