Spectacular knowledge transfer: a look inside the beating heart!

The ECG Simulator shows 30 detailed heart animations parallel to the respective ECGs. At the same time as an ECG curve is displayed, the stimulus production and stimulus conduction, the contraction and valve function are shown in open-heart presentation. The speed of the animations is controlled manually, enabling the direct correlation between the ECG pattern and the excitation situation in the heart.  Impressive animations  30 ECGs  Explanatory texts ■ ECG training programme ■ Presentation software ■ Plus: heart attack animation  5 languages The ECG Simulator offers doctors, students, paramedics and specialist staff an extraordinarily graphic representation of arrhythmia. The aesthetic animations can also be used by doctors explaining to patients and provide an impressive back-up for medical advice. The ECG Simulator is available as software directly from the manufacturer or as an app for iPhone, iPod and iPad.   Customers feedback “ECGinMotion is an excellent teaching aid for both patients and Cardiology students. The dynamic graphics allow for the understanding and the connection between the electrical conduction and the output to the ECG. Many thanks for a fine program.” Margaret Shearer, The Cardiac Society of British Columbia ” […] vor allem beeindruckt hat mich die Möglichkeit, sich in Zeitlupe die Kontraktion auf dem Bildschirm weiter zuschieben – damit kann man für Unterrichtszwecke wirklich die Zusammenhänge veranschaulichen. Gratulation!” Prof. Dr. Thomas Graf von Arnim, Cardiologist